Independent Financial Guidance for Government Initiatives



Dollars & Cents Focus With Heart & Soul Devotion

Acacia is an independent Financial Advisor exclusively dedicated to the needs of government entities.

Acacia specializes in effectively raising money to fund significant community projects—like construction of schools and hospitals, roadway and utility improvements, waste solutions, and innovative green initiatives. So, in a sense, we touch every individual, family, and business.

We’re a proven resource for expert design and implementation of effective strategies. And we believe that our approach—complementing a dollars-and-cents focus with a heart-and-soul devotion—is on the leading edge of a transformation in the broader financial sector.

Call it bedside manner or simply “service,” but it’s something most companies in our line of work seem to overlook. So we’ve built Acacia on the dual principles of financial expertise and client care—both tailored to the public sector—because we know it can be the difference between competence and excellence.

We’re hands-on and earnest, but we’re also tough and tenacious when we have to be. And we may not be the biggest, but don’t let our size fool you—the strength of our credentials is virtually unmatched, and our well-rounded team and full suite of services make us a good fit for any type of government organization or initiative.

Our clients recognize how much they get with us—how we take care of them, help safeguard their interests, and manage their finances in the most effective and caring manner possible. They appreciate the way we enable them to serve their constituencies and enrich their communities. And that’s why many of them have followed us to Acacia, extending relationships that go back a decade or more. Again, it’s a matter of trust.

Who We Are

Our Story

Acacia Financial Group is the product of a collaboration among a handful of youthful yet proven finance executives. Each respected and successful in their own right, they decided to form the company after working together at one of the field’s more notable firms. Beyond the significant skills and success they all shared, there was a common vision for a new breed of public financial guidance—an ideal that offered the technical abilities the bigger players boasted, but with a decidedly human element.

That inspiring vision for the future led to a brainstorming session among friends that produced the seeds of what has blossomed into Acacia Financial Group.

The firm’s founding members bring great perspective to the business and its clients. They’ve followed different paths on their way to meeting at a fruitful crossroads. The senior team includes entrepreneurs who have built and sold multiple businesses, investment bankers who earned their stripes on Wall Street, and individuals who have participated in various levels of government and public policy. While varied in their backgrounds, their view of the field as well as Acacia’s place within it could not be more unified.

Today, as Acacia continues its rapid growth—in terms of both transactions managed as well as its national expansion—the promise that our founders embraced years ago when first entertaining the idea of starting a new company is as singular and solid as the tree for which we’re named.

Key Facts About Acacia

  • National Firm with 7 offices and 19 Public Finance Professionals
  • Registered Municipal Advisor with the SEC and MSRB (with Co-President who served on the MSRB)
  • Registered as a Women Business Enterprise (WBE) with the Women's Business Enterprise National Council and in numerous states
  • Wholly-owned and managed by team of high-caliber Shareholders averaging 25 years in public finance
  • Advised on more than 1,175 long-term municipal bond and note transactions with an aggregate par value exceeding $103 billion over the past decade
  • Strong national presence and reputation across the U.S.
  • Consistently ranked among the top FAs in the nation, most recently ranked 4th in the Country through the third quarter of 2015

To speak to an Acacia Professional, please call
our main office at 856-234-2266.