Independent Financial Guidance for Government Initiatives


October 27th, 2011

New York and its Financing Entities Announce the Selection of Financial, Pricing, Investment and Swap Advisors

October 28, 2011—The Mayor’s Office of Management and Budget, the NYC Comptroller’s Office and three of the City’s financing entities announced today the selection of financial, pricing, investment and swap advisors.  The New York City Municipal Water Finance Authority (“NYW”) and the NYC Comptroller’s Office conducted an RFP process for financial advisors, pricing advisor and swap advisor to NYW.  The co-financial advisors to NYW will be Acacia Financial Group, Inc. and Lamont Financial Services Corporation.  In addition, Drexel Hamilton LLC will serve as pricing advisor to NYW.

The professionals with Acacia are looking forward to providing financial advisory services to NYW and continuing to expand the firm’s presence in the City and State of New York.

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